Sunday, October 2, 2011

Seasons May Change/The Rainy Season Will Soon Be Over

It's just about time for us to stop sweating, turn off the coolant, open the windows, and derive pleasure from watching the Weather Channel wherever snow is falling. With this in mind, I have decided to try to be nice this month, just to see if I can do it I like it. On Halloween, I promise plan to provide kids with healthy snacks and a smile, and all month, I will try riding my bike with a special October playlist in my head. I will share it with my friends (yes plural), and hopefully the corkin' brothers will use some of the cuts for their Critical Mass ride on October 28th.

  1. October Song: Amy Winehouse
  2. Beautiful: Damian Marley
  3. Outside Man: Junior Parker
  4. High On Your Love: Kings Go Forth
  5. Give Me The Sunshine: Leo's Sunshipp
  6. Send Out for Sunshine: Heatwave
  7. You Are My Sunshine: Dyke & the Blazers
  8. I Wish It Would Rain: Mayer Hawthorne
  9. Sun Goddess: Ramsey Lewis Trio
  10. Fresh Air: Quicksilver Messenger Service
  11. Anotha'(BBQ): People Under the Stairs
  12. Cold Rock a Party: MC Lyte
  13. Cold Sweat: James Brown
  14. Too Cold: Roots Manuva
  15. Autumn Sweater: Yo La Tengo
  16. Diana in the Autumn Wind: Gap Mangione
  17. I'm a Mummy: The Fall
  18. Bad Moon Rising: Creedence Clearwater Revival
  19. Orange Moon: Erykah Badu
  20. Bela Lugosi's Dead: Bauhaus

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