Sunday, February 13, 2011

SMA Miami/Strip Mall Aesthetics 101

Few citizens of an urban metropolis are as fortunate as we in Miami when it comes to the creation and design of a beautiful place like the strip mall. Sunset Drive is no exception, particularly well-endowed with lovely edifices and cutting edge design.
With this in mind, we would like to introduce you to a new feature: Strip Mall Aesthetics Miami (SMA Miami)
Congratulations to Sunset Strip Plaza, anchored by Presidente Supermarket #22 and Family Dollar for earning 0 spaces.

The key to appreciating the quality of the strip mall being discussed may be found in this analysis. Several factors are important:
  1. size and number of puddles in the lot
  2. nausea creating traffic
  3. vacancies
  4. symmetry
  5. signage variety
  6. parking harmony
  7. multicultural appeal
With this in mind, here is the key:
  • 0 spaces available -- top shelf 
  • 1 space available -- needs something
  • 2 spaces available -- needs more than a little help
  • 3 spaces available -- fender bender paradise
  • 4 spaces available -- wrecking ball ready

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