Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday History Lesson - 4 Mangos and 3 Avocados

Farmers'/Farmer's/Farmers Markets are all the rage. However, we haven't discovered America there Columbuses. Fresh fruit, off the tree, shrub or bush and into your mouth, was the norm not the exception for a lot of folks here in the nature's tropical farmer's market of South Florida. So pick something off a tree and eat it, although you should consult your wild produce guides first. You do have one don't you?

Dorn Brothers Company 1914 - The Original Pinecrest Farmers' Market - Not the exact same location and selection, but it's been local and delicious for a while.

Dorn Building Today - Corner Sunset and US1

The Dorn Brothers had a long history of improvement in South Florida. 

In 1925, they opened the Riviera Theater in Larkin Florida. A year later Larkin was incorporated as the town and then city of South Miami.

Riviera Theater (1925) - 5700 South Dixie HighwayYou know that spot today as Sunset Place.

Of course the best selection of farmers' marketable stuff today is going down at Pinecrest Gardens. Ride your bike and catch a glimpse of Big Time Jones, live.

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