Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thing Fall Apart-Volume 1

Ever since Rick Scott became governor, things have begun to fall apart. Although he made enormous promises, and has an illustrious history with finances, it has been nearly 2 months, and things have not gotten better in any way. Despite the glory of Scott’s coronation inauguration, which only cost $3 million, nothing compared to the $73 million he spent to get elected, and even less compared to the $219 million he is worth, things have begun to crumble in Miami, and I have the photos to prove it. 

Certainly, with a tiny bit of cutting, like closing schools where freeloading children and teachers waste hard earned private sector cash, or raiding wasteful public pension funds like great governors like the one in Wisconsin, Scott could begin to repair things like that pictured above. (I have a handyman who could do it in two hours for about $79, but I hesitate to share his digits.)  

In any case, Rick Scott's star has obviously faded, and it is increasingly clear that he is just another plastic, phony politician making promises he cannot keep. 

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